Auction Event Success!!!

Auction Event Success!

Auction Event Success!

What an amazing event!!! Come rain or shine we reached our “not so far fetched” goal of $2.1 million nt to build the community center!! That is amazing! It seems we reached all goals and the most important was touching the lives of the children and letting them know that they are important and special in this world! This should motivate them for the rest of their lives to be leaders in their community!! Thanks to all the volunteers! We couldn’t have done it with out you!! Follow your dreams and you never know what may happen….if you build it…they will come!! Thank you!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

Team Work "Cheers"

Team Work “Cheers”

Taipei Times article on The Wufong Project!

CNA article on The Wufong Project


One response to “Auction Event Success!!!

  1. I was very impressed. Truly providing a new, needed, clear and continual inspiration for the children. Thank you Wufong Project people…you have renewed my hope.

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